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About Us

IPS Group GmbH, a subsidiary of IPS Group Limited is a specialised recruitment business focused on the Swiss Insurance and Financial Services industry. Located close to Zurich, we provide a consultative and customisable approach to the identification, recruitment, assessment, and recommendation of executive talent for insurance and financial services organisations. The ability to truly partner with a client in a creative and flexible manner allows for long term relationships following successful engagements, where the best executive talent is recruited to meet the needs of our clients’ current and future business challenges and opportunities.

IPS Group Ltd, our parent, was founded to provide professional recruitment services to the London insurance markets, and was the first specialised recruiting enterprise focused solely on insurance and financial services in the UK. Established in 1969, IPS Group is a leading specialist insurance recruitment consultancy in the UK with multiple locations globally where it enjoys considerable brand recognition. Following their MBO from Manpower, Inc. (NYSE.MAN) in 1990, IPS Group has expanded and now has ten offices globally including Switzerland, Chicago, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

IPS has grown organically and through acquisition over its history, but has remained focused on providing recruitment solutions across the spectrum of insurance and financial services sectors on behalf of its clientele throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States. Privately held, IPS enjoys the ability to respond nimbly to client needs without external stock holder pressures, and with broad employee ownership brings the competitive advantages of stability and flexibility leading to long term client relationships.

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